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LS Login

Life Science login

The Life Science Login enables researchers to use their home organisation credentials or community or other identities (e.g. Google, Linkedin, LS ID) to sign in and access data and services they need. It also allows service providers (both in academia and industry) to control and manage access rights of their users and create different access levels for research groups or international projects.


Who is the service for

Level at which the tool/solution/approach is intended to be used

  • Institutional (e.g., Research Performing Organisations, Universities)
  • Data service provider (e.g., repositories, registry services)
  • National (e.g., Funding bodies, Government)
  • International (e.g., pan-European research infrastructures)

Main users: Data stewards, Researchers

Expertise needed: No specific expertise needed.

Contact information

FAIR-IMPACT FAIR Implementation team