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Federated FAIR Data Space

The F2DS provides tools for data producers and consumers, enhancing the overall FAIRness of datasets natively dispersed across heterogeneous repositories by realising services for dataset homogenisation, enrichment and onboarding and services for seamless discovery and access.

With an F2DS, researchers will be able to search, find and retrieve data using a single access point and toolset. Not only does this save working time because it masks the various access methods of different sources and offers a single access point through user and programming interfaces (UI and API), but it can truly deliver new insights, given the proper combination of selected search criteria and content of one or more data-sets is explored in unison. The F2DS is a unifying data space that is built by aggregating and enriching datasets from a set of multidisciplinary repositories, i.e. data sources, with the aim to facilitate data discovery and reuse. Although datasets are the primary focus of the resulting data space, other items are managed, including repositories and data sources, APIs, metadata schemas and ontologies.

Who is the service for

Level at which the tool/solution/approach is intended to be used.

  • Institutional (e.g., RPOs, Universities)
  • Data service provider (e.g., repositories, registry services)
  • National Repository or Service Manager (e.g., Funding bodies, Government)
  • International (e.g., pan-European research infrastructures)

Main users: Researchers, Data Managers

Expertise needed: No specific expertise needed.

Contact information

FAIR Impact FAIR Implementation team