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EcoPortal is a repository for semantic artefacts that pertain to Ecology and Biodiversity. It hosts relevant ontologies and controlled vocabularies together with their metadata and it offers a suite of tools to discover, publish or utilise them. Semantic artefacts are associated to scientific domain categories, rendered public or private, and edited through a seamless workflow that makes use of our integrated instance of VocBench. Published versions of the semantic artefacts may also be assigned DOIs upon request, a feature we offer in collaboration with DataCite. EcoPortal additionally offers an API for ready accessibility and use of the hosted resources in other environments, an Annotator tool for annotating text, a Mapping tool for identifying potential similar concepts within the repository, and a Recommender to match ontologies and thesauri to users' needs.

Who is the service for

Level at which the tool/solution/approach is intended to be used

Research Performing Organisations and Universities
Repositories and registry services
Funding Bodies and Government
Pan-European research infrastructures

Main users: Researchers, Data Stewards, and Repository or Service Managers

Expertise needed: A basic knowledge around semantic artefacts (ontologies, controlled vocabularies, knowledge organisation systems, etc.) is required to benefit from the online EcoPortal features and tools. Basic semantic artefact development skills are needed to use the integrated editing tool (VocBench). Some programming and Semantic Web technology skills are essential to make use of EcoPortal's API.

Domain: Ecology / Biodiversity and related domains

Contact information

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