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FIP Wizard

FAIR Implementation Profiles Wizard Tool

The FIP Wizard captures FAIR Implementation Profiles by means of a questionnaire that requires to provide answers that explicitly profile the FAIR implementation approach of that community. FIPs are published by the FIP Wizard as FAIR (machine-readable) and Open data (nanopublications), which can then serve as a reference for practical FAIR data stewardship activities conducted by members of that community. FIP publication also encourages FIP reuse and repurposing by other communities, which saves time ‘reinventing the wheel’ and simultaneously drives convergence on FAIR implementation choices. FIPs and used FAIR Enabling Resources can be searched in FAIR CONNECT.

Who is the service for

Level at which the tool/solution/approach is intended to be used

  • Institutional (e.g., Research Performing Organisations, Universities)
  • Data service provider (e.g., repositories, registry services)
  • National (e.g., Funding bodies, Government)
  • International (e.g., pan-European research infrastructures)

Main users: Data Stewards, Repository or Service Managers

Expertise needed: GO FAIR Foundations offers workshops to guide the compilations of these FIPs. This wiki offers the following documentation related to FAIR implementation profiles or FIP’s for short

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