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I-ADOPT Interoperability Framework

The I-ADOPT Interoperability Framework is a set of guidelines based on a simple non-domain specific ontology that supports the decomposition of complex observable properties into their essential atomic parts represented through the concepts in FAIR terminologies. The I-ADOPT Interoperability Framework is a substantial contribution to enabling the interoperability of terminologies, within and across domains without sacrificing any prior efforts. It serves as a common layer of abstraction through which concepts from different terminologies can be systematically aligned and extended, as needed. The annotation of observational data with these interoperable concepts supports the findability and reusability of datasets across repositories facilitating the federation of data systems. It represents the variables’ context and provides the level of detail needed to identify suitable datasets and to connect different datasets with related observations. The I-ADOPT Interoperability Framework will facilitate the development of tools to enable researchers to describe and find their data more systematically.

Who is the service for

Level at which the tool is intended to be used

  • Institutional (e.g., Research Performing Organisations, Universities)
  • Data service provider (e.g., repositories, registry services)
  • National (e.g., Funding bodies, Government)
  • International (e.g., pan-European research infrastructures)

Main users​​​​​​​
Researchers, Data Stewards

Expertise needed
​​​​​​​Need to know and understand the I-ADOPT Ontology. Acquaintance with repositories of domain-relevant controlled vocabularies.

Contact information

FAIR Impact FAIR Implementation team