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The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP)

The project delivers near-global data coverage; standardized quality control procedures; a high degree of internal consistency; common data formats; and open and free access to the available data.
GLODAP needs upgrades that will streamline repository workflows to insure the data products are FAIR , while reducing the burden of data management on scientists.

Who is the service for

Level at which the tool/solution/approach is intended to be used

  • Data service provider (e.g., repositories, registry services)
  • International (e.g., pan-European research infrastructures)

Main users:  Data Steward; Research Software Engineer

Expertise needed: So far, the GLODAP data product is open and free. But not completely FAIR for machine-to-machine applications. No specific knowledge is needed, but we only serve a medium sized csv or mat file, and the user will have to work with this.


GLODAP is not really a FAIR tool, approach, or solution; but is an open and free data product. We would like to make this product more FAIR, i.e. findable and machine readable etc.


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