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FAIR Connect

Open Access publishing platform of good practices for professional FAIR-Data stewardship.

FAIR Connect is an Open Access publishing platform for the development and dissemination of good practices for professional FAIR-Data stewardship. It allows publishing metadata about FAIR Supporting Resources as short peer-reviewed articles in the ISSN-registered IOS Press journal FAIR Connect. In addition, it includes a search engine and dashboard for machine-readable descriptions (nanopublications) of FAIR Supporting Resources and FAIR Implementation Profiles created via the FIP Wizard). It is FAIR Connect’s mission to empower and unite data stewards around the world in their common goal of research FAIRification.

Who is the service for

Level at which the tool/solution/approach is intended to be used

  • Institutional (e.g., Research Performing Organisations, Universities)
  • national (funding bodies, government)
  • international (research infrastructure)

Main users:  Data Stewards, Repository or Service Managers

Expertise needed: Basic information of the FAIR Implementation Profile concept (https://gofair-foundation.github.io/fip/Intro.html)

Contact information

FAIR Connect team